In my spare time I like to experiment with web/software development.
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Tenterhook [planning phase]

Tenterhook is the next-gen version of the RAGE project.

It'll be a robust platform for developing script-driven apps such as point-and-click adventure games and educational tools.

Project Yonder

Project Yonder makes it fun to create maps with interactive timelines and dynamic visuals. Explore world history, track market expansion, document a vacation... the sky's the limit!


Triviarch makes it easy to create and share quizzes about any topic. TV shows, world history, whatever floats your boat.

No plugins required. All you need is a topic and some creativity!

Retro Adventure Game Environment (RAGE)

RAGE is a set of Silverlight DLLs which help you rapidly build point-and-click adventure games. You get to focus on creativity while RAGE handles the grunt work of tracking scenes and characters.